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  • Network Equipment Maintenance & Support

    Type : Bid Notification
    Due : 07 May, 2019 (in 14 days)
    Posted : 12 days ago
    Started : 09 Apr, 2019 (13 days ago)

    The categories include: • Network equipment: Including switches, routers, firewalls, wireless access points, IP telephony equipment, and other related communications devices to include Physical Security Video Surveillance Cameras (Cisco/Axis/other) and Access Control Equipment (IDENTIV). • Maintenance: the servicing of existing and purchased networking equipment including upgrades, patches, repairs, and replacement under CISCO SMARTnet maintenance

    From: Fulton (County)
  • Kill Chain Integration Broad Agency Announcement

    Type : Pre-Bid Notification
    Due : 30 Nov, 2019 (in 7 months)
    Posted : 4 months ago
    Started : 07 Dec, 2018 (4 months ago)

    The areas of interest include: ISR state of-the-art advancement, Enhancing situational awareness, Mobile networking and communications equipment, Improvements to existing AF/DoD infrastructure, USAF cryptographic operations advancement, Geospatial analysis of social media, Exploitation of enemy threat systems, Increasing data utility and accessibility, Exploitation of the battlespace, Anti-Access/Anti Denial environments: Communication and Position

    From: Federal Government (Federal)
  • Bid #TEC2118892Q1 - Maintenance and Repair C7110X

    Type : Bid Notification
    Due : 24 Apr, 2019 (Tomorrow)
    Posted : 14 days ago
    Started : 08 Apr, 2019 (14 days ago)

    Added on Apr 18, 2019: Contract has been extended to allow for additional vendors to provide proposals Description: Vendors must include the costs of all software, hardware, necessary software, cables, connectors, interfaces, networking kits, enablement kits, switches and any and all other items necessary to install and operate the proposed equipment on the Broward County network through the proposed controller.

    From: Broward County Board of County Commissioners (County)
  • Classroom & Conference Room Technology Services, College Wide

    Type : Bid Notification
    Due : 04 Jun, 2019 (in 1 month)
    Posted : 4 days ago
    Started : 17 Apr, 2019 (5 days ago)

    The lighting scheme will be determined before the renovation of the room begins. 2.3 Physical Valencia shall provide a professionally installed dry erase/projection surface which will allow for a typical projection area size of 100” diagonal. 2.4 Networking Valencia shall provide each classroom with a minimum four network drops.

    From: Valencia College (Higher Education)